Futures and Commodities Trading

Futures and commodities can be very complex and volatile asset classes that differ significantly from investing in stocks and bonds. This means that investors need to do significantly more research before wading into these types of investments.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is commodity trading the same as futures trading?

    No, though they are related. Futures are a type of financial derivative in which you agree to buy or sell a certain asset at a certain price at a particular time in the future. Commodities are a type of asset representing fungible goods, such as oil, iron ore, or wheat. Commodities are usually traded using futures.

  • Which commodity is the best to trade?

    There is no best commodity to trade in the same way there is no best stock to trade. The commodities market is volatile and significantly affected by economic cycles. This means that no one commodity will be the easiest to trade or the most profitable.

  • What is futures trading?

    Futures trading is the buying and selling of a particular type of derivatives contract. These contracts entitle one you to buy or sell a particular asset, such as a stock or commodity, at a particular price at a certain date in the future.

  • What is commodities trading?

    Commodities trading is the trading of fungible goods in financial markets. This means that any one commodity good is the same as any other one of the same type. For example, any one ounce of gold is the same as another or any barrel of a particular kind of crude oil is the same as another. Commodities are usually traded using futures contracts which allow you to purchase a set amount at a particular price sometime in the future.

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