Shopify Shares Jump 8% After 'Buy With Prime' Deal With Amazon


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Shopify Inc. (SHOP) shares jumped more than 8% by mid-day Thursday, after a new partnership with Inc. (AMZN) that will bring Prime shipping and delivery to Shopify merchants.

Key Takeaways

  • Buy with Prime allows non-Amazon vendors to utilize Amazon's shipping and delivery network for faster and easier deliveries and returns.
  • Amazon has previously said that Buy with Prime increases shopper conversion by an average of 25%.
  • While the service was launched in April 2022, the newly announced deal with Shopify allows for easier vendor integration and wider availability.

The new 'Buy with Prime' app for Shopify simplifies integration for Shopify vendors, who previously managed the service "independent of their Shopify admin." Launched in April 2022, Buy with Prime allows Amazon Prime members to opt for "fast, free delivery and easy returns through Amazon’s fulfillment network" from non-Amazon vendors. Amazon has previously said that Buy with Prime increases conversions by an average of 25%.

Buy with Prime customers will use payment methods from their Amazon Wallets, but the payment will be processed by Shopify Payments via Shopify Checkout. The app is currently being rolled out to select Shopify sellers and will be fully available to interested vendors by the end of September.

Analysts at Wedbush Securities called the deal a "positive development for both companies" in a note on Thursday morning, saying it allows "Amazon to monetize off-platform eCommerce transactions," and Shopify merchants "to improve conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction."

They particularly noted how the deal brought Buy with Prime under the Shopify Payments umbrella and that it would allow Amazon to "capture share" of the fulfillment market outside of Amazon's own sales.

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